Hilchos Pesach with Rabbi Berel Bell

Watch: Rabbi Berel Bell, rov of Anash in Montreal, gives an overview of the special halachos that apply this year, the halachos of the Seder night, what you need to know while preparing for Pesach.

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1:19-19:23  Overview: Erev Pesach on Shabbos
7:20 Friday
14:10 Shabbos
17:16 Yom Tov
19:23 Manufactured Foods: Chumra bli ta’am? (example: spices)
22:34-53:44 Details Day-by-Day
22:34 Thursday: Siyum – Zoom
24:11 Bedikas Chometz (leaving home; checking rooms earlier in week)
27:52 Friday AM – burning chometz
29:40 Selling the chometz (different ways of selling; what you can do depends on how your Rov sells; Rabbi Hendel’s custom)
35:33 Can you eat chometz Fri afternoon?
37:12 Chometz for Shabbos
38:04 Fri night chometz: what?
41:39 Fri night chometz: where? (Kiddush b’mokom seudah)
44:22 Changing locations in the middle of seudah
46:35 Shabbos Day
48:10 Yom Tov – YaKN’HaZ – which brochos for women to say
55:45-1:06:10 – Q&A
1:06:11-1:15:19 Mitzvos of the Seder
1:06:11 Matza – how many zeisim? Difference between one with a kaarah and one without
1:07:12 Matza – size of kezayim
1:08:03 Maror (species; hydroponics and vertical farms; romaine stems)
1:11:35 Wine (size of cup

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