High-Quality Tel Aviv Restaurant Opened at Request of Shliach

10 years ago, Avi Arbov, at the urging of his shliach, decided to open the doors to Regina Restaurant. His mission? Provide quality kosher food in the heart of secular Tel Aviv.

Where are we going out to eat tonight? This is a common question many tourists visiting Israel, ask themselves. There are plenty of restaurants, strictly kosher, available to tourists. However, there is one and only one restaurant in Tel Aviv, which is not only stri ctly kosher under the supervision of the chief shaliach to the city, Rabbi Yosef Gerlitzky, but is also owned by a Chabad Chasid, Reb Avi Arbov.

Regina Restaurant is located in a breathtaking 19th-century Mediterranean architectural structure. An iron gate seals off the inner courtyard, decorated with vegetation and flowers. The courtyard is surrounded by rooms paved with a floor painted in the spirit of the period as well as authentic doors and shutters. At the rear of the house is a magical garden, balcony, and lawn – which create a magical and peaceful corner in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The menu at the restaurant consists of the finest gourmet dishes of various nationalities. The inspiration for the menu stems from the nostalgic location of the restaurant, with diverse and varied recipes that collectively created the Jewish/Israeli cuisine we know today.

The Chabad Chasidic owner, Reb Avi Arbov, opened the doors of the restaurant close to ten years ago, following a request he received from Rabbi Gerlitzky, the emissary to Tel Aviv.

“Rabbi Gerlitzky claimed that many Jews are interested in enjoying Kosher meals at a high-end restaurant,” Arbov recounts. “So I undertook the challenge eagerly and the rest is history.”

Over the years, the restaurant has become a culinary oasis. Visitors to the restaurant represent a fascinating mosaic of Jews from all cultures and backgrounds, from Israel and the entire world.

“What makes Regina unique, is the colorful diversity of the restaurant visitors who are looking for kosher food of a high standard” Arbov states.

Regina Restaurant boasts a menu that includes both meat and fish dishes with unique Israeli spices, and dishes that will appeal to all types of pallets.

“Many American tourists come to us and they truly enjoy the location and the fresh air beside the sea,” says Arbov, “and of course, they relish the fine food that is strictly kosher and Lubavitch shchita. I invite one and all to join us, especially the loyal readers of the incredible website Anash.org.”

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