Hershel Basher – the Consummate Mashgiach

Rabbi Aryeh Citron, close friend of Hershel Basher, remembers the good times they spent together, his expertise in kashrus, and his reliability, humor and hard work.

By Rabbi Aryeh Citron, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivah LeSmicha in Miami, Florida for Anash.org 

As the Basher family sits shiva for their dear husband and father, Hershel, I sit and remember the good times we spent together learning. Hershel was a consummate mashgiach. He was a true expert in Kashrus, both in the halachos and in its practical aspects.

Often, when different opinions in halacha came up, Hershel would share with the class as to which kashrus agencies followed which opinion. He would say, the OU does this. The OK does that. The Star K does the other. While the KM says this and the ORB says the other. He would share with us many of the interactions he had with the various agencies and some of the ideas he had for innovations in kashrus.

Often he could not attend the shiur as he was on mashgiach duty. But he would log in to the zoom and attend virtually if it was possible.

Although he was the student and I was the teacher, over the years I learned many things from him. In addition to the way factories, restaurants and kashrus agencies operate I also learned from Hershel how to be unassuming, reliable and always good humored. 

He rarely spoke about his family. But when he did it was always with great pride.

Now it is our turn to take care of that family.

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