‘Hero’ Shlucha Wins $10k for Commercial Kitchen

Sydney shlucha Mrs Laya Slavin was voted the winner of a local hero program, picking up a $10,000 prize for her commercial kitchen that pumps out 70,000 meals a year.

By Anash.org reporter

Rabbi Dovid and Laya Slavin‘s work has created yet another Kiddush Hashem.

Back in Elul, the Sydney shluchim were treated to a complete home makeover by an Australian TV program that supports those who help others during Covid-19. This was followed by a double kitchen makeover sponsored by another TV program, which gave their personal kitchen and commercial kitchen a full renovation.

On the heels of both makeovers comes a third surprise: Laya was pronounced the winner of Westfield Local Heroes award, receiving a $10,000 award for her and her husband’s incredible work.

The Slavins head Our Big Kitchen, a community-run industrial kitchen that cooks and distributes meals to hospitals, ambulances, women’s, youth and children’s shelters, hostels, religious organizations, and anyone else who’s hungry. OBK makes around 1500 meals a week. During the bushfires, that ramped up to 2500, and right now OBK is pumping out 3500 meals a week.

“All who know Laya will have no doubt that she is a very worthy recipient of this award, as well as many awards she has won in the past,” Rabbi Slavin said. “We thank Westfield and all who voted for Laya.” He also thanked their children, pointing out the role they play in the kitchen’s Kiddush Hashem.

“When Avraham Avinu & Sara Imenu founded Yiddishkeit,” the shluchim said, “A kitchen was their first mosad and the Torah tell us how the family was educated to be involved. We feel honored to follow in this wonderful path.”

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