Help Save a Young Man’s Life

Rabbi Shimon Pelman, shliach to the Dominican Republic, is asking for your assistance to help a young Jew in his community who is very sick with acute kidney failure and is in need of urgent life-saving treatment in order to survive.

Only in his mid-twenties Moshe* a Yid from my community is very sick with acute kidney failure. His poor choices landed him behind bars for many years in the Dominican Republic with very poor medical care. He is urgently in need of life-saving treatment in order to survive!

As the Rabbi for Moshe’s family, I see how brokenhearted his mother is. With the cost of treatment beyond her means, she is watching her son suffer, distressed that she can’t relieve his pain. I decided to step in and connect Moshe with top doctors to get Moshe the life-saving treatment he needs.

The only way Moshe can get the life-saving medicine he needs is through private doctors at the cost of USD 50,000. We are raising funds locally in the Dominican Republic, but the need is more significant than what the community can give. Moshe and his mother are all alone.  

Please help me save the life of this Yid!

Rabbi Shimon Pelman

Chabad of the Dominican Republic

* Name hidden for privacy.

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