Help Save a Jew from Cremation

A recently departed Jew from Chicago is scheduled to be cremated due to a lack of funds for a proper burial. Help a shliach bring her to a Jewish burial.

Message from Rabbi Levi Notik, Director of FREE in Chicago:

Rabbi, can u please come say a prayer at the cremation? 

That’s how the phone call began. 

I immediately davened that they don’t cremate him, and began explaining that according to Halacha he should have a proper burial and not be cremated.

It’s cheaper to cremate, we can’t afford a burial, they argued.

Please, I pressed, I’ll try to raise the necessary funds, please hold off on the cremation.

Can you help give this person Kevuras Yisroel? It’s real Chesed Shel Emes.

Whatever you can contribute will help

Paypal / Zelle [email protected]

Cashapp $freeofchicago 

Thank you. 

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