Help Distribute Matzos to 12,000 Yidden in Brooklyn

The shluchim in Sheepshead Bay are looking for volunteers to help them distribute Matzos to 12000 Yidden.

In honor of Yud Alef Nissan this year everyone wants to give the Rebbe gifts in the number of 120!

The shluchim in Sheepshead Bay want to give the Rebbe a gift by reaching around 12,000 Yidden with Mivtza Matza!

For the past few weeks, they have been busy packing close to 1000lb Matzo! Putting together boxes, sticking stickers, packing in bags and sending out people to the streets and houses to make sure everyone gets their own Matzo and sells their Chometz!

YOU can also be part of this amazing gift!
Help the Shluchim of Sheepshead Bay (just 25 minutes from CH) and distribute Matzos to all the people in the community.

*Chose between distributing at a booth or to houses *Get a list * Give out prepared Matzo kits * Fill in a Duch and make the Rebbe proud!

We need everyone’s help! bring a friend, take your children, go with a neighbor and contact the shluchim now!
Shmuel 917-495-3684
Itzchok 347-564-7647 (text only)

May we be zoche to celebrate this Pesach with Mashiach in Yerushalayim!

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