Help Complete the 8th Children’s Torah and Join Exciting Raffles

As excitement builds for the siyum of the 8th Children’s Torah, organizers will be holding a raffle with grand prizes for anyone who signs up at least 8 children.

The eighth Children’s Sefer Torah is almost complete and ready for the Hachnasas Sefer Torah on Chof Av. In order to finish off with the last letters needed before the event, organizers will be raffling off many great prizes for any person who sells eight letters.

For families in Israel, there is a chance to win tickets to New York to the Rebbe for the whole family.

Families who are already in America, can be excited to join as well and win tickets for the whole family to Israel to join the Hachnasas Sefer Torah event at the Kosel on Chof Av.

Everyone who participates enters for a chance to get an authentic dollar from the Rebbe and another raffle for a coin the Rebbe handed out for Tzedakah.

To sign people up for a letter have them go directly to and enter their child’s information.

The raffle will be held on Sunday, 20 Tammuz.

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