Hei Teves: 35 Years To The Rebbe’s Victory

Marking 35 years since the Rebbe’s victory in the seforim case, hundreds of chasidim to travel to New York to celebrate; full program has been planned. 

The Yomtov of Hei Teves is a day publicly marked and celebrated by chasidim annually, as one of the important days of the Rebbe and Dor Hashvii. Each year, many chasidim travel to celebrate together with the Rebbe, something for which the Rebbe publicly expressed his appreciation and thanks. 

This year, especially, even larger crowds of chasidim, including a number of Yeshivos, have made plans to come in to New York, as this year is a special milestone, marking 35 years since the Rebbe’s victory. 

As each year, a complete program and Farbrengen has been arranged by Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus for the night of Hei Teves, to take place in close proximity to the Rebbe’s holy Ohel. 

Wednesday evening, Eve of Hei Teves:
6:45PM Maariv
7:15PM Video of Hei Teves 5747
8:30PM Festive farbrengen

The farbrengen will be addressed by Rabbis Sholom Ber Levitin, Shmaya Shmotkin, Zalman Wolowik, and Moshe Gourarie, and Mr. Harvey Stone and Mr. Richard Dolan. They will discuss the story and timeless message of Hei Teves, and what it demands from us practically today. 

The farbrengen will be streamed live on Chabad.org/OrVechom for those who cannot attend in person. 

Transportation from Crown Heights will be provided. 
Check out HeiTeves.com for a plethora of Hei Teves resources geared towards all ages.

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