Heartbreaking Shiva Call Inspires Song of Yearning “Hishtokekut”

Experienced therapist Mordechai Roth together with Mordechai Weberman join in a war duet to sing “Hishtokekut”, or “Yearning”, expressing Am Yisroel’s current mood.

Emotional therapist Mordechai Roth, who released over ten successful songs and duets in recent years, publishes a new duet with Mordechai Weberman in which they perform together “Hishtokekut”, yearning, – an emotional song that talks about the people of Israel who are sometimes in an unstable situation and always remember that Hashem loves us and asks him to have mercy on us, and relates to the feelings during the war.

When asked about the inspiration for the song, Mordechai Roth shares, “There was a very precious Jew from France that had a son who was r”l murdered on Simchas Torah. When I went to be menachem avel, his emotions and words he expressed touched me so, that I turned his sentiments into this song. All throughout this long Golus, Yidden are suffering and just want to feel close to Hashem.”

The song was written by Mordechai Roth, with the Yidish words added by Mordechai Weberman, and the musical production arranged by Reuven Chayun.

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