Heartbreaking Levaya in Toronto Held for Young Girl

The levaya for nine year old Atara Cohen was held in Toronto after she was tragically struck by a vehicle.

A nine-year-old Lubavitcher girl was killed after being struck by a vehicle in Toronto, Ontario on Wednesday afternoon.  

Atara Liba Cohen A”H was playing outside her home when she was tragically struck by a delivery van. Atara is the beloved daughter of R’ Shimon and Henya Cohen.

Rachmonim bnei Rachmonim, please help the Cohen family in their time of sorrow. They are ka”h a large family and need assistance during this tragic period. 

This campaign is being overseen by the following Rabbonim: 

Rabbi Zalman Aaron Grossbaum, Chabad Ontario
Rabbi Yossi Gansburg, Chabad Toronto
Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas, Jewish Youth Network Toronto
Rabbi Elazar Green, Chabad Lancaster 
Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn, Chabad Centrepointe, Ottawa 
Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn, Chabad Wyoming 

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