Healing Through the Eyes of Psychology and Torah

Neshamos.org is hosting a zoom event focusing on Healing through Torah wisdom and modern psychology. Widely acclaimed speaker, Rabbi Laibl Wolf will lead the class.

Healing, it’s all the rage now. There is a burning thirst within to just understand. 

What are these different voices inside me? Do I require medical, professional, or psychological help for my emotional issues? Perhaps there can be a more holistic route available to support me? 

We want to understand what is going on within us. The world at large is committed to this pilgrimage of healing. In fact, there are a plethora of healing modalities advertised and available; and it can feel that some of these avenues are endorsing healing practices that may feel foreign or out of touch with our Torah values.  

Torah commands us to self-actualize. The Jewish way intends for us to grow and develop ourselves into our most holy and integrated versions of ourselves. 

However, a question remains. How can one ascertain that the healing modality being offered is assured and safe? What is our Rebbe’s directive on healing? Where is the line in which Torah, Chassidus, and our values meet and vet these therapeutic practices?

Neshamos.org, together with Chaya (Mink) Benchemhoun,  has teamed up with Rabbi Laibl Wolf, of Melbourne Australia, to broach this very conversation. 

Rabbi Laibl Wolf, LL.B, M.Ed. Psych, D.Div is a singular and atypical exponent of ancient wisdoms and their application in a world of uncertainty and global challenge. A Lubavitcher Chossid, Rabbi, lawyer, and educational psychologist, Rabbi Wolf is an internationally renowned lecturer, whose teachings are a unique synthesis of the three-thousand-year-old Jewish spiritual teachings and contemporary science and psychology, helping people master the consciousness of mind and emotions to align these with the template of creation.

Rabbi’s Wolf’s work has been lauded by spiritual leaders including Rabbi Lord Sir Jonathan Sacks OBM, and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu OBM, the Chief Rabbi of Israel from whom Rabbi Wolf received his Rabbinical ordination.

The class will be held via zoom on Tuesday, November 15th at 8:30 pm

The link to enter is www.neshamos.org/HealingNov15

Please be advised that all questions must be pre-submitted to [email protected] to be addressed during the event. Thank you for your participation!

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