He Got the Czar’s Mattresses for the Rebbe

When the Frierdiker Rebbe asked R’ Boruch Sholom Kahn to buy mattresses for the Rebbe Rashab and Rebbetzin Shterna Sara, he went to the fanciest store and was not satisfied until they gave him the mattresses designated for Czar Nikolai II.

Reb Boruch Sholom Kahn was born around the year 5630 (1870). His parents were both from Chabad families, and he visited the Rebbe Rashab quite often. He married in 5656 (1896) and later settled in Warsaw where he did business.

During World War I, he moved to Moscow, and he would host the Rebbe Rashab and the Frierdiker Rebbe when they visited the city. He regularly assisted in fundraising for Tomchei Temimim, and gave a lot of tzedaka himself. He passed away on 13 Shvat 5693 (1933).


Whenever the Frierdiker Rebbe would ask him for something, Reb Boruch Sholom would do it in the best possible manner.

Once, the Frierdiker Rebbe asked him to purchase a set of mattresses for his parents (the Rebbe Rashab and Rebbetzin Shterna Sara). Reb Boruch Sholom went to the biggest store he knew and requested the best mattresses. Whatever they showed him, he asked for better ones until they said that they had prepared two mattresses for Czar Nikolai, and if he wished they could give those to him and prepare other ones for the czar. Only then did he ascertain that he had obtained the best. He purchased the mattresses and sent them to the Rebbe.


At a farbrengen in Rostov, the Rebbe Rashab announced that he needed funds for his holy activities. He took a sum of money, placed it in an envelope and proclaimed, “Whoever will give a sum like the amount in the envelope, will receive this money.”

The chassidim present began to offer different amounts until Reb Boruch Sholom said, “I will give ten times the amount in the envelope!” The Rebbe Rashab gave him the envelope with the money saying, “This is for you.”

When he opened it, he found two hundred ruble. He excused himself to the Rebbe and confessed that he didn’t have all the money he promised with him at that time. The Rebbe calmed him and said, “I trust you. You will send the money soon.” And so it was.

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