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By Anash.org staff

The Maharil – one of the Rishonim – wrote that the good qualities of a Sandek are passed over to the child. Interestingly, the Rebbe once told Rabbi Chaim Meir Bukiet Z”L that this transfer is limited to the positive qualities and not anything negative.

In response to the request of a mother that the Rebbe serve as sandek for her son’s bris, the Rebbe responded;

With regard to brachos, the focus is on the spiritual. Therefore, physical distance has no impact as long as the time is known. (Please inform me of the time that the bris will begin).

In regards to your request that I be physically present:

1- Why should you change the tradition that is in place for years, that I don’t serve as a Sandek.

2 – It would be wrong to associate the bris, in which your son is being entered into the covenant of Avrahan Avinu, with jealousy from the many whose requests i turned down, because of the aforementioned Minhag.

3 – Especially when it comes to a bris, we are careful not to do anything that will stick out, in order to ensure an ayin tov (good eye) as you surely understand.

My apologies.

May you, along with your husband, merit to raise your son and all of your children to Torah, Chuppah and ma’asim tovim with true abundance.

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