Have you Been Waiting? Part Two

The anticipation of Moshiach isn’t just expressed in our hope and prayers, but a number of Halachos are based on the anticipation of Moshiach’s imminent arrival.

Why don’t we write Aicha on parchment? Why did the Chofetz Chayim start the Shemiras Halashon campaign? Why did Rav Chanina Gaon let his fingernail grow long as a preparation for Moshiach? Which Chasidishe Rebbe prepared a crown for Moshiach?

Learn the answers to these questions in this shiur by Rabbi Sholom Zirkind.

Waiting for Moshiach’s Coming Every Day in Halacha Part 2 from Learn & Bring Moshiach on Vimeo.

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