Hashgacha Pratis And Mesora at This Week’s Summer Learning

This week’s Summer Learning Program is offering nightly Shiurim by leading magidei shiurim on Chassidus, Beis Habechirah And Torah Shebaal Peh.

Bored in the long summer nights? Wife away in the summer? Come join the Summer Learning Program with nightly Shiurim by leading magidei shiurim and Chavrusa/self-learning Learning!

Chavrusa and/or for self-learning learning of the Tut Altz curriculum: Aspiration at 7:15pm*. 

Followed by Special shiurim by leading magidei shiurim at 8:00pm

Hot delicious dinner served under the Hashgacha of the Badatz.

At Mishkan Moshe Center, 580 Crown St. 

Mincha 7:00pm 

Chavrusa/Self Learning With Tut Altz Aspiration 7:15 

Shiur 8:00 

Maariv 9:05 & 9:30 

Followed by nightly Siyum Maseches 

Mishnayos Middos 9:50pm

This Weeks Shiurim, Parshas Devorim:

Monday Night – Chof Vov Tammuz: Rabbi Dovid Kahanov: The deeper dimension of hashgacha pratis.

Tuesday Night – Chof Zayin Tammuz: Rabbi Chaninah Hoffinger: Hilchos Beis Habechirah Part 2 – Exploring the Beis Hamikdash. With a Visual Presentation 

Wednesday Night – Chof Ches Tammuz: Rabbi Naftali Silberg JLI Course: Mesorah of Torah decoded – Analysis of Torah Shebaal Peh. 4 Part Series

Live on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/IrgunTorah 

Live on Zoom at IrgunTorah.org

Booklets are sponsored and are available free of charge for the public to learn and be inspired by this wonderful and amazing Geulah U’Moshiach curriculum from Tut Altz.

Dedicated in Honor of the the holy Yidden of Crown Heights by Annonymous

For sponsorship opportunities please call 646-489-5243

Find more shiurim and torah podcasts at IrgunTorah.org

The Summer Learning Program is a joint project of Irgun Torah and Mishkan Moshe

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