“Hashem Begs You to Keep Shabbos”

In a personal response to one person struggling to keep Shabbos, the Rebbe describes how much Shabbos observance means to Hashem and the brachos that it brings.

Despite being engaged in the depths of Torah and global matters, the Rebbe invested time and energy to inspire single individuals. In the following note, the Rebbe implores a Yid to accept upon himself Shabbos observance:

“Hashem has blessed the day of Shabbos, and invested in it the power to uplift and invigorate the neshamos of Yidden, even of those who don’t feel it yet.

“So too a day of rain blesses the field of a person that is sleeping. Even if he hasn’t been informed of the rain yet, he is still blessed just the same.

“Hashem begs his sons and daughters, that on the day that He rests, they should also rest. He then troubled himself to list all the appropriate behaviors.

“How could you need more explaining, when your Father, the King, stands next to you and begs, ‘My son, my daughter, have mercy on me! Don’t disturb my rest by desecrating it! Take pleasure in the Shabbos, together with your entire family, and the blessings of Shabbos will spread to the following weekdays.’”

(Kuntres Michtovim Uma’anos, Tammuz 5774)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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