Hanhala Members Gather for a Kinus of Their Own

Igud Mesivtos v’Yeshivos organized a 2-day kinus this week for principals, mashpiim, and roshei mesivtas and yeshivas, addressing the challenges they face while caring for the wellbeing and development of today’s bochurim.

By Anash.org reporter

Igud Mesivtos v’Yeshivos, headed by Rabbi Mendel Itzinger, organized a 2-day kinus this week for principals, mashpiim, and roshei mesivtas and yeshivas. Close to 60 hanhala members attended, some traveling from as far as Moscow, London and all across the U.S. and Canada.

The kinus took place at the HaMesivta yeshiva and addressed the challenges faced by those responsible for the wellbeing and development of today’s bochurim.

Beginning early Tuesday afternoon, the sessions continued until evening, with short breaks for Mincha and dinner.

Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg of Chovivei Torah spoke about the “Temptation of Technology”, providing insight and guidance on how to educate bochurim so that they can protect themselves from its addictive nature, and how to help those already caught in the struggle.

Rabbi Yosef Lustig of Yeshivas Beis Dovid Shlomo in New Haven, addressed the principals.

Rov and Posek Rabbi Gavriel Zinner spoke about the halachic aspect of helping a bochur who is struggling with psychological challenges, addressing when and in which areas it is appropriate to be lenient.

A special video presentation was shown where individuals shared hoira’os they have received from the Rebbe in chinuch. Rabbi Akiva Wagner, Rosh Yeshivas Lubavitch in Toronto, spoke on the theme as well.

Participants left with much food for thought, inspired by their collective goal of educating the next generation of chassidim, and eagerly looking forward to the continuation of the kinus on the following day.

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