Hamesivta Alumni Reunion Held In New Building

This past Sunday night, HaMesivta Yeshiva hosted an evening of inspiration and song for their Alumni in their brand new building, celebrating the results of Hamesivta and the new location.

This past Sunday, HaMesivta held an Alumni Reunion & Premier Viewing of their new building. The evening was a beautiful celebration of the results of HaMesivta. The alumni joined together in reminiscence of their life-changing time at our yeshiva. They were joined by their beloved teachers and Menahel, Rabbi Moshe Lieblich and culminated in a kumzitz together with Peretz Chein and Shimon Brod.

“It was amazing to see our Talmidim back in the warm environment of yeshiva and basking in the presence of their teachers,” said Rabbi Lieblich. “The students were excited to see their friends and be back in the space where they were transformed from boys into young men. For them, HaMesivta represents not just a Yeshiva but a place where they have always felt at home.”

“I really miss this place” says Moshe Meir Katz to a few of his friends as they spoke about the good old days, “I can’t believe that almost 15 years went by since I was here but I still feel so comfortable and connected to the teachers and my friends.”

His statement was echoed by many of his friends, in a true testament to what the yeshiva was able to accomplish  

“HaMesivta is not a place where conformity is valued most. Every student is evaluated on their individual needs, and we place much effort to help each student grow,” Rabbi Lieblich said. “Our classes are based on the academic level of the student, rather than by age. This style of curriculum ensures that each student is in a class where he can grow and learn based on his own capability.”

“At HaMesivta, we believe in investing in the future of our students. For the last 17 years, our focus and mission have been to have a yeshiva centered around its students.  With over 300 alumni, we are proud to be known as the Yeshiva where every child understands that we are there for them,” he said.

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