Hallandale Farbrengen Leads to Positive Resolutions

Hundreds of men, women, and children, were inspired at a Farbrengen in Hallandale Beach on Rosh Chodesh Kislev, some staying for over 5 hours. The farbrengen was led by Rabbi Velvel Lipskier and Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus.

By Joseph Obermeyer 

A Farbrengen that lasted over five hours in Hallandale Beach on Rosh Chodesh Kislev inspired hundreds of men, women, and children, some who stayed for a half-hour, others who stayed for many hours. 

Leading the Farbrengen was Rabbi Velvel Lipskier, who uplifted everyone present in Hiskashrus to the Rebbe and in serving Hashem with Simcha in all instances.

Joining Rabbi Lipskier was Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, who shared his personal recollections of the five-week period, beginning with Hakofos Shemini Atzeres 5738, when the Rebbe suffered a heart attack, and concluding with the Rebbe leaving 770, Thursday night Rosh Chodesh Kislev.  

Resolutions at this Farbrengen included: Strengthening the learning of three chapters of Rambam every day, including with the Rebbe’s 2,000 plus Biurim on the Rambam, as found in the newly completed 7 volume set of Pardas HaMelech, increasing in all Mivtzoim, especially in Mivtzah Chanukah and Ikar Shlichus to prepare ourselves and our communities to greet Moshiach, and to increase in studying the Rebbe’s Sichos and Maamorim.  

The Farbrengen was enhanced with the stunning decor prepared by the talented Mrs. Chanie Berkowitz, the heartwarming Chassidishe music provided by R’ Chonie Teitelbaum, a Yom Tov Seudah prepared by Izzy’s Smokehouse, and lively dancing that took place throughout the evening. 

Much effort went into this Farbrengen long to be remembered, with a special thank you to Rabbi Moshe Schwartz and Rabbi Mordy Feiner for their diligent efforts in preparing the inspirational evening, and to the 12 generous Yungeleit who helped to sponsor the Farbrengen. 

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  1. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rabbi Morichai Feiner what an amazing rov and shliach he is the true inspiration behind this growing community we really are Grateful for everything he does he is the foundation of Hallandale.

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