Halikut Program Launches for Its Sixth-Year

After five years of tremendous success, the Halikut program is starting its sixth year, helping bochurim learn and memorize a complete volume of Likkutei Sichos.

After five years of phenomenal success, Halikut has been launched by Vaad Hatmimim for its sixth consecutive year.

A unique program for Bochurim in Shiur Gimmel Mesivtas and Zals, Halikut has seen hundreds of bochurim learning and memorizing a complete volume of Likkutei Sichos each year.

Revolutionary in its approach to Bochurim’s learning of Lekkutei Sichos, each Bochur spends his week thoroughly learning three Sichos on the Parshah, reviewing them every month for a test. Those who pass all three tests qualify to attend the Halikut Siyum, where they take a grand test on all thirty-six Sichos. This program requires the Bochurim to review the Sichos frequently and consistently so that they remember all the details of the entire Sefer.

This year, hundreds of Bochurim from 25 Yeshivos across the globe will learn the 30th volume of Likkutei sichos over the next three months.

For its launch, every Yeshiva had an event featuring a member of their Hanhala delivering a presentation about the importance of dedicating oneself to studying the Rebbe’s Torah. A special promo video was featured at the launch as well.

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