Halachic Business Questions? You Can Have the Solutions

This year-long course, taught by Rabbi Menachem Rotenberg, Rov in the Beis Horaah of Crown Heights, will cover the areas of Halacha essential for every business person to live by.

For many areas of our lives, the relevant Halachos are clearly defined, easily accessible and well-known. A more obscure—but more relevant than ever—area of Halacha is business Halacha. With larger and more complex business operations than ever before, frum Jews need to know how to structure their businesses in accordance with Halacha and how to manage day-to-day dealings in a Halachically acceptable manner.

From the complex laws of Ribbis and Heter Iska to employee/employer relationships, partnerships, commissions, contracts and acquisitions, competition and intellectual property, this course will cover almost anything you encounter in business.

Going straight to the source in Shulchan Aruch, you will cover entire Simanim and learn to apply them to contemporary business practices. 

After learning the material, even when you aren’t able to render a Halachic decision on your own, you will be better informed of the potential issues and pitfalls and be able to approach a Rov with a well-informed question.

Taught by Rabbi Menachem Rotenberg, Rov in the Beis Horaah of Crown Heights, you will learn how to apply the Halacha to your modern-day issues and rest assured that another area of your life will now be fully compliant with Hashem’s will.

For more information and registration: https://www.lemaanyilmedu.com/product/business-halacha

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