HakhelNation Launches Hotline and WhatsApp Status

HakhelNation presents two new initiatives for Hakhel 5783, the Hakhel hotline and the Hakhel Trumpet Status.

As the year of Hakhel begins, thousands of people all around the globe are getting involved in Hakhel. More and more exciting initiatives are being announced to create awareness and excitement about this unique Hakhel year and to help guide all groups of people in joining the Rebbe’s Hakhel campaign.

To this end, HakhelnNation is pleased to announce two new powerful initiatives:

  1. The Hakhel Hotline.

Many are looking for guidance on what to do, how to start and where to find the necessary resources for their particular Hakhels.

Manned 24 hours a day by an informed group of staff, Hakhel Hotline is dedicated to guide you in all of your Hakhel questions and to help you find the right resources to make your own Hakhel gathering in the most successful manner.

Click here to WhatsApp Message the Hakhel Hotline: https://wa.me/message/LVMPTCINKTHBC1

You can also call the Hakhel Hotline at: (949) – 9 – HAKHEL.

  1. The Hakhel Trumpet

The Hakhel Trumpet WhatsApp Status will feature all the Hakhels around the globe in real time! From Mega Events to small gathering, Shluchim with Mekuravim to women’s Shiurim and Children’s Rally’s. Everything will be featured on the Hakhel Trumpet.

You can also submit your own Hakhel to be featured on the status, thereby encouraging others to step up their Hakhel gatherings as per the Rebbe’s directive.

Subscribe here to see the Hakhel Trumpet WhatsApp status:

“This is just the beginning”, says Rabbi Shloime Naparstak, Director of the Moshiach office at Merkos 302 and program coordinator at HakhelNation. “Our goal is to present every Chossid with all the resources he needs to arrange his own Hakhel”.

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