Hakhel, Ma’anos and Reb Berel Baumgarten

Three unique teshuros were distributed at the Crown Heights wedding of Yossi Rodal and Zelda Amar, each with a wealth of chassidishe treasures. Download here on Anash.org.

Three unique teshuros were distributed at the recent Crown Heights wedding of Yossi Rodal of Johannesburg, South Africa, and Zelda Amar, of Seine et Marne, France.

The first, titled Haksav V’hamichtav, contains over 200 pages of correspondence of the Rebbe with the famed shliach Reb Berel Baumgarten, who was the Rebbe’s first shliach to Argentina and merited to receive many unique responses from the Rebbe. Much of the material, collected by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Amar, father of the kalla, is being publicized for the first time.

The second teshura contains letters and ma’anos of the Rebbe to the families of the chosson and kalla. It also contains a link to a collection of newly-released videos of the Rebbe from the Hakhel year of 5748 from JEM.

A third publication, Kovetz Shnas Hakhel, is a full color magazine that gives an overview of the Hakhel years by the Rebbe, the Rebbe’s instructions for Hakhel, and Hakhel in the Rebbe’s Torah.

Click here to download ‘Haksav V’hamichtav’.

Click here to download ‘Teshura’.

Click here to download Kovetz Shnas Hakhel.

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