‘Hakhel in a Box’ Unites Morristown Families

The Chabad Cheder in Morristown, NJ came up with a practical way to bring Hakhel to families; a ‘Hakhel in a Box’ kit with resources for a fun and Chassidishe Hakhel gathering.

In honor of this year Shnas Hakhel in Morristown the idea of a Hakhel in a box was created by the Chabad Cheder in Morristown, New Jersey.

The box is a practical form to bring Hakhel to families and resources for a family to make a fun and Chassidishe Hakhel gathering.

Including a specially made game – Hakhel and to ride, (Ticket to ride – Hakhel version), a fun Hakhel game gaining knowledge of all the places that the Rebbe traveled to.

Also included in the Hakhel box was a Hakhel-themed food craft, plus a hakhel challenge card with special prizes for the children to take on special Hakhel Hachlotos.

The Hakhel Box was made in time and was in honor of the Rebbitzin Chaya Mushka‘s birthday, on Chof Hei Adar. The box also included a written dialogue farbrengen to enhance children with knowledge about the Rebbetzin and the birthday campaign that the Rebbe started in memory of the Rebbitzin.

All families in Morristown were able to sign up and they received the Hakhel in a box.

“Boruch Hashem the Hakhel Box was a beautiful success in bringing Hakhel in a practical form for children and families,” the creators said.

“A very special thank you to Rabbi Yossi Spalter, and to Cheder Lubavitch Morristown, who helped this come to a reality. We would also like to thank FCNJ who with open arms let us use their facilities to make this happen.”

“We thank the bochurim that put effort into pulling together the Hakhel in a box and especially the game, Hakhel to ride. Mendel susskind , Meir Danow, Mendel Pinson, Moshe Kaplan, and Eli goldstein. The farbrengen was written by Berel grossbaum.”

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