Hakhel Event Unites Second Graders Across the Country

Second-grade students from around the United States and Canada united for a grand zoom Hakhel event that included the 12 Pessukim, the Rebbe’s Kapitel, and a surprise story by singer Benny Friedman.

Just as the winter semester began, second-grade students from around the United States and Canada united for a grand zoom Hakhel event.

The online gathering, organized by Rabbi Sroli Matusof of Cheder Chabad Arizona, included the 12 Pessukim, Rebbe’s Kapitel, Tzedaka, and surprise storyteller Benny Friedman who shared a story about how Leizer Nanes’ life was saved because of doing the mitzvah of Sukkah.

The zoom call was led by Rabbi Zushi Rivkin, Chabad of Pasadena and arranged through the Kitah Beis Whatsapp group run by Rabbi Yoel Vogel, spearheaded by Rabbi Velvel Gurkow, Melamed in Montreal.

Participating schools:
YTTL Montreal
ULY Crown St.
ULY Ocean Pkwy
Cheder Chabad Monsey
Cheder Chabad Philadelphia
Cheder Chabad Baltimore
Cheder Lubavitch Morristown
Cheder Chabad Florida
LEC Florida
Cheder Lubavitch Arizona
Cheder of the Bay Area
Cheder at the Ohel
Darchei Menachem CH
Oholei Torah Crown Heights
Shluchim Online School

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