Hadar Hatorah Finds Great Significance in New Sukkah

Hadar Hatorah built a sukkah for the first time in front of their Eastern Parkway building. They even found a connection between the size of the sukkah and the geulah.

This year Hadar Hatorah, with the help of Moshe Glikin raised funds and purchased a brand new sukkah that is situated in the front of the 824 building.

This is the first time the Hadar Hatorah sukkah has been in the front of the building. In the past it was either in the back or on the side.

As the journey of the baal teshuva is that of leaving the dark and entering the light we feel that this transition is a model of that point.

The sukkah is 15×15 feet which signifies the idea that ביום ההוא יהי׳ ה׳ אחד ושמו אחד. “On that day Hashem will be one and His name will be one”. The word יהי׳ comprises of the first two letters of Hashem’s name, twice (yud and hey, gematria 10+5=15) Chassidus explains that in the future impurity will not exist because everything will be elevated to its source and G-dliness will be revealed everywhere. Therefore the second two letters of Hashem’s name (vov and hey) denoting descent and concealment will be transformed into yud and hey, signifying revelation and attachment to source.

We hope that the Hadar Hatorah sukkah is another step forward towards the ultimate redemption that should take place right away!

The first two days of Chol HaMoed Sukkos Hadar Hatorah hosted two epic farbrengens that welcomed many new faces to the sukkah. The first night of chol hamoed Hadar Hatorah Alumn and mashpia Tuvia Bolton inspired the yeshiva followed by a phenomenal Farbrengen with Rabbi Moshe Rom from Tzfas on the second night. We look forward to the farbrengen tonight with Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz, principal of Ohr Menachem school in Crown Heights. The mashpia for the fourth night of chol hamoed will be Rabbi Shmuel Yeshayhu, Rabbi of the Ohel Yaakov Community Kollel of Vancouver, who is well known for his ability to make spirituality relevant to all people in all walks of life.

Hadar Hatorah is actively recruiting new students to embark on the journey of learning and living a life of Torah and Mitzvos. If you know any men between the ages of 18-30 who are ready to grow in their Judaism please refer them to Hadar Hatorah!

Please contact 718.735.0250 [email protected] to get in touch!

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