Hack Your Hei Teves Shopping Cart

Every single Sefer on your wishlist, for the price of one! Here’s how to get the absolute best deal this Hey Teves. 

Hei Teves is a special day, and there always seems to be so much to do in such a short amount of time. This year, join the Seforim Auction, and you can fulfill all of the Horaos of the Rebbe for the special day in one swift move!

Take part in the Seforim Auction and:

Buy ChassidusThe Hora’a of the day is to buy Sifrei Chassidus, and the Seforim Auction offers you a selection of thousands of Seforim.

Learn ChassidusNo matter how you like to learn, in print or in digital, the Seforim Auction has something for you!

Spread Chassidus All proceeds from the Seforim Auction will be directed towards The Chassidus Mobile to bring the teachings of Chassidus to thousands of Yidden.

And, as an extremely exciting bonus:

You can also Win Chassidus!

There are thousands of Seforim for you to win, and with the selection as diverse as they come – there is sure to be something for everyone!

Join today!


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