Hachnosa L’cheder Held on Crown Heights Rooftop

Parents joined their children on Wednesday morning for the annual ‘Hachnosa L’cheder’ – areinfirenish at All My Children, held on their rooftop on Lefferts Ave.

Photos: Itzik Roitman

Family members joined their children on Wednesday morning, for the annual Hachnosa Lacheider at All My Children held on their rooftop on Lefferts Ave.

Proud fathers and mothers gathered in the school, to celebrate their children’s first formal introduction to Torah learning.

Guided by Rabbi Levi Goldstein, each student received their own Aleph Beis sheet and Shaar Blaat of Tanya, from which they licked the sweet honey. They also enjoyed reading and eating the Pesukim on their honey cake and egg, thus literally internalizing the words of the Torah.

The joy was felt in the air, as the boys were showered with candies from “Malach Michoel”, causing great excitement, as they jumped up to collect them! This definitely helped them feel the sweetness of the Torah, just in time for Shavuos.

To culminate the event, the families and children watched a heartwarming video, which showcased the All My Children Students as the guarantors for the Torah!

“This is always an emotional event,” said Chedvi Baras, the school’s director. “It felt very special to come together as a school community, sharing this Simcha with friends, as the boys embark on the next stage of their Jewish education!”

This event was in honor of the beloved Rabbi Shmaryahu Katzen a”h. May his Neshama have an Aliya.

Registration is now open to ALL families at the AMC Crown location, for their Summer Program and the 2021/2022 School Year. Private paying families are now accepted, as well as those with vouchers.

To register contact: (347) 708-7827

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