Guide Your Community in Taharas Hamishpacha

For shluchim, rabbanim, or aspiring shluchim! Become a posek in Taharas Hamishpacha to better serve your community and answer any questions that may arise in your day-to-day life. 

For many in smaller communities, Taharas Hamishpacha presents many challenges, a key issue being the lack of a qualified Rov to rule on practical questions. However, a way to obtain the necessary training and expertise to pasken these shaylos was never available beyond the largest Jewish communities.

Finally, Lemaan Yilmedu has created a program to cover every aspect of Hilchos Taharah with a focus on practical psak and shimush, taught by Crown Heights Rov, Rabbi Tuvia Kasimov, a well-known expert in this field and author of the noted sefer Divrei Tohar.

The program will prove especially important to Shluchim who are often the only source of Halachic guidance in their communities, but most Shluchim have never had the opportunity to delve into Hilchos Taharah in a way that would allow them to issue practical rulings. In many areas, community members must overnight shaylos to another Rov, often causing delays or even getting lost in the mail.

“I joined a Lemman Yilmedu class in Shevat, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it,” says Rabbi Moshe Gourarie, Shliach in Toms River, NJ, and a participant of the Hilchos Niddah course. “Every Tuesday night is like a mini-vacation when I put everything else aside and delve into learning Halacha. It’s a kevius bizman and a kevius b’nefesh.

“Rabbi Kasimov’s knowledge is extensive, his Shiurim and presentation are excellent, and his focus on the practical and Halacha L’maaseh makes it all relevant and enjoyable.

“I would encourage any Shliach that wants to expand his knowledge in Torah and Halacha, to utilize this incredible resource, where you could learn from the comfort of your office, with professional materials and outstanding Shiurim. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.”

The course organizers estimate that it will take approximately a year-and-a-half for the cohort to complete the text-based segment of the course, followed by practical shimush on one’s own schedule and availability.

Participants will schedule in-person sessions with Rabbi Kasimov when they are visiting New York to complete their training in paskening maros.

In addition to the halachos studies, there will also be a series of 10 practical lectures on how to apply them to real-life scenarios from leading Rabbonim in the field and other experts.

Start date: 23 Tammuz, July 12

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