‘Guide to Hisbonenus’ Podcast Aims to Teach a “Lost Art”

A new podcast by Rabbi Dov Ber Klein will teach the “lost art” of hisbonenus in a simple step-by-step manner.

Based on the tremendous feedback from Project Likkutei Torah’s weekly Hisbonenus podcast, they are adding another podcast that demystifies hisbonenus. This podcast will teach the talmid this “lost art” in a simple step-by-step manner.

The classes will be given by Rabbi Dov Ber Klein. He has been active in secular and religious education for over 40 years. He is the author of the Kehos publication “Sea Traveler ”, a practical step-by-step guide to prayer and Chassidic meditation. He has transformed his text and poetry into a series of short  5 to 10 minute audio recordings under the title ”Hisbonenus – Chassidic Meditation guide. (A Journey to the Center of your Soul.)

His book, currently out of print, was warmly received inside and outside the Chabad community and endorsed by: 

Dayan Raskin (London Lubavitch),

Rabbi Yitzchok Klyne (Manchester) ,

Rabbi Gershon Miller (Mashgiach, Gateshead Yeshiva)

Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein broadcaster, lecturer and writer, and others.

The episodes will provide meditations on preparing to daven and then proceed through the stages of the morning Tefillah, looking both at the simple meaning of the words and how to contemplate upon them from a Chassidic perspective.

In the first episode, he uses part of his poem “Sea Traveller” as a springboard to tackling the everyday problem of distraction during prayer.

Link to join podcast here

Link to join WhatsApp group here

Project Likkutei Torah is directed by Rabbi Yaakov Cahnman and founded by Rabbi Betzalel Bassman in memory of his mother, מרת פיגא בת בצלאל הכהן ע”ה.

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