Guests Enjoy Fascinating Kovtzim Brimming With New Content

Extensive articles covering an array of topics, alongside new and fascinating content were published in the “Kovtzim L’chizuk Hahiskashrus” series by the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim Haolomi throughout the month of Tishrei.

With the goal of providing rich chassidishe content to the thousands of Bochurim who came to spend Tishrei by the Rebbe this year, the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim Haolomi published four Kovtzim, featuring extensive overviews of an array of topics connected with the month of Tishrei in the Rebbe’s presence, new stories and answers from the Rebbe, and much more. These Kovtzim also featured stunning pictures from JEM’s The Living Archive photo collection.

“Tishrei 5748 with the Rebbe”: The first Kovetz featured a rich and detailed day-by-day overview of Tishrei 5748 with the Rebbe. From the shturem in Hakhel, to the intense joy of “Shnas Tismach” (as the Rebbe referred to 5748), the month of Tishrei 5748 was brought to life to thousands of readers, alongside beautiful pictures from JEM’s The Living Archive.

“Yud-Gimmel Tishrei – 140 Years”: The second Kovetz, published in honor of the 140th Hilula of the Rebbe Maharash, featured an overview of the publishing of the Rebbe Maharash’s Torah, alongside other Tishrei-themed articles.

  • An overview of the Rebbe’s instructions and directives to Rabbi Berel Levin about publishing the Rebbe Maharash’s Torah. This article featured tens of new Maanos, published in the Kovetz for the first time.
  • A fascinating overview of the “Russian Yidden” who received a special and personal invitation from the Rebbe to spend Tishrei with him in New York (in 5726, 5727, 5728) and were privy to much special attention from the Rebbe throughout their visit.
  • Celebrating the Rebbe’s 120th year, an article covering all the milestone celebrations explained in the Rebbe’s Torah was published.

“Reshimos Rabeinu”: A special Kovetz, featuring an extensive overview of the Rebbe’s Reshimos.

  • An overview of the Reshimos from a historical perspective; covering the time’s and places where the Rebbe wrote his Reshimos.
  • A detailed article exhibiting the influence of the Rebbe’s father in the Rebbe’s Reshimos.
  • An overview of the content of the Reshimos as well as other compilations the Rebbe wrote.
  • A write-up analyzing different parts of the Reshimos and explaining how they form a foundation for topics that the Rebbe discussed throughout the years.

“Avinu Roeinu”: The fourth Kovetz illustrated the Rebbe’s advice and fatherly care to the Bochurim, through the lens of many Yechidusen and letters to Bochurim throughout the years.

More specifically:

  • An extensive overview of the Rebbe’s guidance to Bochurim in their Avodas Hashem; in their Torah study and Avodas Hatefillah.
  • Continuing the previous overview, the second article details the Rebbe’s guidance to Bochurim in their day-to-day behavior.

These Kovtzim are available for download:

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These Kovtzim, published by the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim Haolomi, were only made possible through the exhaustive work of a dedicated group of Bochurim.

Administrator: Yisrolik Blau

Editorial team: Eli Chefer, Ari Mintzberg, Yossi Krugliak, Mendy Yaakobovitz, Mendel Butman, Shmulik Naki, Hillel Guata, Shmulik Althoiz

Editors: Sholom Lipkin, Yossi Halperin, Mendy Kaplan

Layout and design: Yossi Bitton

Cover design: Shneor Cortas

Photo research: Aryeh Leib Kramer, Levi Friedman, Mendy Baitch

Printing manager: Mendy Halperin

All the Kovtzim were reviewed by Rabbi Yossi Lew, Shliach to Peachtree City, Georgia

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