Group Photo: Yeshivas Kayitz Coral Springs

The inaugural summer of Yeshivas Kayitz in Coral Springs has been an amazing success. On Thursday, bochurim and staff stood together for a group photo.

On Thursday, Beis Menachem Av, the Yeshivas Kayitz of Coral Springs gathered for a Group Picture.

This is actually the inaugural summer of Yeshivas Kayitz in Coral Springs, and BH it has been an amazing success. The program is led by Menahel Rabbi Eizicovics, joined by Rabbi Janowski, Rabbi Schechter and Rabbi Denburg who are there during the regular year.

In addition, the Yeshivas Kayitz hired Shmuly Wudowsky as the Program Director, with the help of 5 additional Eltere Bochrim: Arale Raskin, Eli Goldman, Levi Sudak, Mendle Moully and Sroly Goldstein. 

The 4-week program had a daily schedule packed with learning, sports and activities including grand events, weekly trips and a Shabbaton. 

One of the unique advantages of learning in this program was that it was full of interesting topics. For Gemara the Bochrim learned Meseches Chagigah with the option of finishing the entire Mesechtah with a Mivtzah Torah.

Additionally, there was a Seder of Hilchos Beis Habchirah, with a comprehensive booklet explaining all the measurements. Finally, there was a Booklet for Seder Sichos all about the Rebbe’s Mivtzoyim, with beautiful excerpts from various Sichos and letters.

As the successful pilot program draws to a close, the Hanahla are already planning an exciting YKCS 5784 with more Bochurim for next summer.

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