Groundbreaking Held for Crown Heights Hatzalah Headquarters

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History was made in Crown Heights on Sunday, as the community gathered to break ground for the new 10,000 foot Hatzalah of Crown Heights Headquarters on Albany Ave.

History was made in Crown Heights on Sunday, as the community gathered to break ground for the new 10,000 foot Hatzalah of Crown Heights Headquarters on Albany Ave.

The new headquarters, located at 533 Albany Avenue, between East New York and Maple, will provide a central base for the local Hatzalah, a command center and resource and storage rooms, greatly enhancing their ability to save lives.

Addressing the large crowd were Rabbi Yosef Braun, Rabbi Levi Garelik, Dr. Eli Rosen, Rabbi Yossi Simpson, as well as donors R’ Berel Junik and R’ Shloime Greenwald. Tehillim was recited by R’ Yechiel Kalish of Central Hatzalah.

It wasn’t too long ago that the community rallied together in an unprecedented way to support one organization close to everyone’s heart: Hatzalah of Crown Heights. After 54 years of an ever-expanding operation forced to operate from an ad hoc collection of basements, garages, and quite a few people’s “mobile office,” Hatzalah had finally decided to take the next big leap forward. A giant step to help serve the community in a more professional, efficient, and heartfelt way: to build a central headquarters for the entire operation.

With a new state-of-the-art 10,000 sq. foot headquarters, Hatzalah will reach a new level of growth and professionalism. No longer will they be forced to run around fetching supplies and look to rent facilities for regular training. Finally, the ambulance bays will provide a home for the Hatzalah ambulances that otherwise stand in the elements of rain, snow, and sleet.

Improved facilities and logistical abilities for Hatzalah means faster response times and better care in case of an emergency, chas v’shalom. It means greater ability for Hatzalah to incorporate technological advances in first-response care, and ultimately, more lives saved.

The love showered on the effort that day to “Bring Hatzalah Home” was remarkable, and Baruch Hashem, Hatzalah was able to purchase a large plot of land on Albany and East New York Avenue. On Sunday, they broke ground for the new headquarters.

With shovels to the ground, Hatzalah is moving one step closer to bringing their trademark exemplary, professional, and hartzige care to new levels for the community. For all those moments when Hatzalah was there for you, a loved one, a friend, or anyone else in the community, this is an opportunity to be there for Hatzalah—not in an ambulance chas ve’shalom, but with hope and joy as we celebrate together.We are very thankful to all those that contributed to the campaign. This would not be possible without you! If you did not have a chance to participate, you can still participate today by clicking here.

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