Groundbreaking Discovery: Edited Yechidus With Gerrer Rebbe

The Mafteiach Team has made a groundbreaking discovery: A never-before-published edited yechidus of the Rebbe with the ‘Pnei Menachem’ of Gur on the significance of the month of Iyar and the concept of healing.

The Mafteiach Team has made a groundbreaking discovery. The team has released a never-before-published edited Sicha of the Rebbe, featuring the Yechidus of the ‘Pnei Menachem’ of Gur, Harav Pinchas Menachem Alter on the significance of the month of Iyar and the concept of healing.

This newly discovered edited Sicha of the Rebbe is particularly relevant today as it discusses the connection between the month of Iyar and healing, coinciding with the section of Rambam that is studied on a daily basis. The Rebbe delved into the Rambam’s views on various remedies and Segulos mentioned in the Gemara during this Yechidus, making this Sicha particularly relevant to those studying the Rambam today.

At the time, Rabbi Sholom Yaakov Chazan transcribed the Yechidus and was surprised at the Rebbe’s decision to edit the first half of the transcript, as it was not a regular occurrence at that time. Rabbi Chazan, who was experienced in transcribing the Rebbe’s teachings, prepared the transcript with Reb Yoel Kahan, but the second half remained unedited. The Sicha was never published, and the edited transcript was forgotten for decades until it was discovered by The Mafteiach Team.

The Mafteiach Team publishes photo copies and transcripts of the Rebbe’s edits on Sichos every week. Through this process, the team discovered the newly released edited Sicha had never been published before. The team realized this as they came across the unique pages of the Rebbe’s edits on a particular Sicha. The release of this never-before-published edited Sicha marks an exciting moment for Chassidim worldwide.

The availability of this newly discovered edited Sicha ensures that Chassidim can benefit from the Rebbe’s teachings and guidance for generations to come. Its release is sure to deepen the understanding of the Rebbe’s teachings and inspire Chassidim worldwide. This discovery is a significant milestone for those who yearn for the Rebbe’s teachings and guidance.

To download the sicha click here.

Photos: A Yechidus of the Rebbe and the Pnei Menachem, and of Maariv after the Yechidus.

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