Grandson of California’s First Shliach Returning to Home State

Rabbi Abbale Raichik, grandson of Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Raichik, the first shliach to California, is moving back to Los Angeles together with his wife Rivkie and their two children to open a new Chabad Center.

Rabbi Abbale and Rivkie Raichik (nee Itkin) with their two children are moving to Los Angeles, California to open a new Chabad Center in the Greater Brookside area.

Los Angeles has been a Chabad hotbed since 1949 when the Frierdiker Rebbe sent Rabbi Menachem Shmuel Dovid and Leah Raichik to build and spread Yiddishkeit and Chassidus there.

As the second biggest Jewish population in the United States and fifth in the world with an estimated 662,000 Jewish residents, Los Angeles is teeming with Jews. Many who have not yet been reached and are searching for community, meaning, and purpose.

After a delay in plans due to the Coronavirus, the young family is due to move in just a few weeks. They look forward to bringing the High Holidays to the many staying at home by bringing the mitzvos to their doorsteps.

“In our visits to the community and discussing current world events we recognize now more than ever the importance of Jewish identity and pride. We will work to cultivate Jewish pride in Brookside and spread the Rebbes message that Hashem loves every Jew no matter their past and just one mitzva can bring Moshiach now!” says Rabbi A. Raichik.

The new shluchim are raising funds to support their work.

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