Grand Split Reaches an All-Time High

Ten Yad’s Grand Split is at a historic high. The pot is rising by the hour and is the biggest it’s ever been, by a lot. 

The Tenathon has come and gone.

The event for the stages was as magnificent as it was meaningful. 

History was made that night in an evening of many first ever collaborations and original, breathtaking arrangements.

Now, another historic first is about to take place, and you definitely want to be a part of it.

Throughout the magical evening nearly 80 lucky raffle winners were chosen for various incredible prizes.

However, the biggest raffle of them all has yet to be drawn.

The Grand Split, the most valuable of all of the prizes is still available for you to win! 

The pot is about to hit 300K. 

Never before has the Grand Split reached the jaw – dropping amount at which it is currently holding. And, with more people joining by the day, it is bound to grow exponentially!

This means that the winner will win big, really big!

Ten Yad’s Grand Split will be drawn on December 8th, at 11:59 PM.

Buy your tickets now for the chance to win the biggest Grand Split in history!

Click here to participate.

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