Grand Siyum Harambam Planned for Hakhel Year

While still a few months away, the Rambam celebration committee is announcing that a grand Hakhel Siyum Horambam will take place on Lag B’omer with a very large bonfire in honor of Shnas Hakhel.

The grand Hakhel Siyum Horambam Haolomi will take place this year on Eastern Parkway “In Front of 770.”

This will be in the same form as the two Historic Siyumei Horambam that took place “in Front of 770” on Gimmel Tammuz 5781, two years ago, and on Lag B’omer 5782, last year. Both were historic events that are etched in deeply in the hearts and minds of the 15,000 people who have attended each event.

The scene of the Lag B’omer “Hadlokoh” – bonefire, on Eastern Parkway right in front of 770, is remembered with enthusiastic and uplifting pride by all who attended. That, and much more, will take place this year the year of Hakhel.

The Grand Hakhel Siyum Horambam Haolomi will take place on  Monday 17 Iyar, May 8, 2023. The festivities will start with the doors opening at 7:00 PM and the program starting at 7:30 PM. The first part will be dedicated to the actual Siyum – the conclusion of the learning and the beginning of the new cycle. Then, after nightfall, (nightfall will be at 8:30 PM) the Grand musical program will begin. The Musical program will as innovative as it will be uplifting and inspiring. It will bring together the spirit of the Rebbe, the spirit of Reb Shimon Bar Yochai and the spirit of the Rambam all together in the Year of Hakhel!!

Although the actual conclusion of the learning will be on Sunday 2 Iyar, 15 days before, the Rebbe said several times that in order to enhance the festivities they may be held at a later date, something that was practiced in many Chabad communities throughout the world.

This year will also be a “Triple Celebration” of those who learned three Perokim (chapters) per day, of those who learned one Perek a day and those who learned Sefer Hamitzvos – a Hakhel of celebrations and learners!

May this lead, even before, to the Great Hakhel of “all Jewish men, women and children” in Yerusholayim with the coming of Moshiach imminently. 

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