Grand Siyum Celebrates Bochur’s Completion of Likkutei Sichos

A grand siyum at Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto celebrated the siyum of the full Likkutei Sichos by bochur shliach Avraham Volfman, and the siyum of 4 chalokim by close to 30 bochurim.

On Monday, Yud Gimmel Av, Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto held a grand chagigas hasiyum and celebration n honor of the completion of the entire Likkutei Sichos by Avraham Volfman, a shliach in yeshiva. The siyum, which took place in a hall at the Chabad Romano Centre, was the culmination of an 8 year project, learning around 5 chalokim each year.

The siyum also celebrated the completion of Likkutei Sichos chalokim Chof Hey through Chof Ches by over 27 bochurim. The group completed the 4 chalokim of Likkutei Sichos as part of a grand mivtza throughout the year l’ilui nishmas Dovid Moshe ben Efraim. Throughout the mivtza the bochurim learned the sichos on the parsha each week and filled out weekly shailos lchazara, completing all together over 4420 sichos.

The bochurim were addressed by a special speaker, Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas, a shliach in Toronto. Rabbi Nachlas, who is one of the founders of Project Likkutei Sichos, spoke about the importance of learning the Rebbe’s sichos, and that everything in one’s life can be found inside Likkutei Sichos. He also spoke about how precious the sichos were to the Rebbe himself, who would, at times, study the sichos again after they were published.

The simcha was felt in the air as the bochurim broke out in spontaneous dancing. The bochurim left the event very inspired, with tens of bochurim taking upon themselves the hachlata to learn the whole Likkutei Sichos after seeing and hearing how important it is and how obtainable of a goal it is for all.

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