Live: Grand Moshiach Chidon and Banquet

Live at 7:30 PM: The grand Moshiach Chidon and Banquet, testing finalists on their knowledge of Moshiach topics, will stream from Crown Heights.

On the upcoming night of Gimmel Tammuz, the Oholei Torah Ballroom will host the International Moshiach Chidon. This event, which includes a 4-course banquet, is specifically for bochurim who have finished the entire Moshiach Chidon learning curriculum and passed the final test. Their hard work over the past few months has resulted in a deep understanding of Inyonei Moshiach and Geulah, which they are ready to demonstrate at this event.

In the spirit of Hakhel, the event will be live-streamed for families and friends who can tune here at It is our sincerest hope and prayer that the rigorous, in-depth learning about the Geulah will lead us towards the arrival of Moshiach yet before Gimmel Tammuz. This aligns with the core purpose of the Chidon: to learn about Moshiach, compete in knowledge of Moshiach, and ultimately, to bring Moshiach!

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We are proud to announce the distinguished speakers, judges, and representatives for the Grand Moshiach Chidon. The knowledge, wisdom, and experience they bring are sure to illuminate the event.

MC: Rabbi Mendel Yuzevitch.


Rabbi Heschel Greenberg

Rabbi Shloma Majeski

Rabbi Shalom Zirkind

Special Presentation by:

Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun

Rabbi Gershon Avtzon

Rabbi Yossi Jacobson

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor

Rabbi Yossi Paltiel

Rabbi Nachman Schapiro

The Grand Moshiach Chidon will also be represented by delegates from different Yeshivas worldwide. These representatives have shown remarkable dedication and determination in their studies:

Levi Nakeh from Yeshivas Lubavitch Argentina

Moshe Vishedsky from Lubavitch Mesivta of Scottsdale Arizona

Yehuda Leib Weitman from Yeshivas Lubavitch Brazil

Menachem Mendel Eidelman from Yeshiva Ketana Brunoy

Sholom Brashevitzky from Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati

Mendel Mizrachi from Chovevei Torah

Yechiel Piekarski from Mesivta D’Suffield Connecticut

Mendel Sasonkin from Darchei Menachem

Gavriel Noach Halevi Levitin from Mesivta D’Kingston

Shlomo Posner from Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Chabad Los Angeles

Menachem Mendel Lewis from Lubavitch Yeshiva Ketanah London

OYY representative from Manchester

Zevy Brusowanken from Klurman Mesivta Miami

Ateres Menachem representative from Montreal

Avremel Leverton from Mesivta Lubavitch of Monsey

Eli Uminer from New Haven Mesivta

Shaul Yechezkel Paltiel from Oholei Torah Mesivta

Moshe Hershkop from Mayan Torah Pomona

Chaim Yisroel Sharf from Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Queens

Shmaya Pruss from Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto

Yosef Deitch from Mesivta Menachem Westchester

Mendy Andruseir from Bais Menachem Wilkes-Barre

We eagerly anticipate this grand event, as it serves not only as a testament to the Bochurim’s achievements, but also as a testament to the dedication of the entire Chabad community to learn about, and ultimately bring about, the coming of Moshiach. Join us, either in person or virtually, to witness the Grand Moshiach Chidon.

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