Grand Mishmar Launch at Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto

After a 3 year pause, Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto re-launched its Thursday night Mishmar program. 

After a 3 year pause, Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto re-launched its Thursday night Mishmar program. 

Mishmar, a Thursday night program embraced in many communities around, brings together bochurim and talmidim of different ages to learn and connect. 

In Toronto’s thriving Lubavitch community, Mishmar was a well-loved program connecting the Yeshivah bochurim and the Cheder talmidim. Every week the parents would carpool their children to the Yeshivah for an hour of learning sichos and more. 

Due to the covid restrictions in Toronto, the Yeshivah was forced to yield the Mishmar program, putting it in the back of parents’ minds.

But we are back! Motivated by the theme of this year – Hakhel, Mishmar 5783 just had its first successful week, gathering boys from grades 6-8, for an hour of learning and inspiration with the Zal bochurim. Young and old, to learn and to fear. In short, an iconic Hakhel. 

A Sichah explaining the significance of Hakhel; A mission card titled “A Walking Hakhel” motivating them to share the Sichah at home, and to take on themed Hachlotos, ensuring lasting effects; A Rebbe video viewing. What one hour a week can accomplish…

This years’ Mishmar-Hakhel Toronto: Learn. Teach. Apply. Make Hakhel real for all ages!

“Much expense went into making the program successful, and we sincerely thank our generous sponsors. Mr. Roman and Suzan Goldstein for generously dedicating this year’s program; Mr. Oren and Neely Antebi for their generous and openhanded support,” organizers said.

Special thanks to Sichos In English for kindly providing learning material.

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