Grand Chof Av Farbrengen Held Near Reb Levik’s Ohel

Photos: Mendy Kotlyar

A huge farbrengen was held for the Almaty community heralding in Chof Av, joined by the hundreds of guests who flew in for the special day. The date has additional personal emotions involved for the local residents, being the place Reb Levik is buried in.

A grand farbrengen was held at the Chabad of Almaty, which is a ten-minute walk from the tzion of R’ Levik, the father of the Rebbe. R’ Levik was buried there after a long and hard exile in a remote village in Kazakhstan.

The farbrengen marked Chof Av, the 79th anniversary of the passing of R’ Levik. Many from the United States, Israel, and Europe, traveled in to Almaty to mark the occasion by spending time at the Ohel and farbrenging with fellow chassidim.

The event was coordinated and hosted by the local Kazhakstan shluchim, Chief Rabbi of Kazakhstan Rabbi Yeshaya Cohen and his brother Rabbi Elchonon Cohen. The event was followed by singing and dancing and farbrenging into the night.

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