Graduation Ceremony Marks 11 Years for Crown Heights Cheder

Students, educators and families of Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch of Crown Heights gathered to mark the conclusion of another year of learning and growth at a Chag HaSiyum replete with a rally, balloon show, gifts and prizes.

Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch of Crown Heights just marked the completion of their 11th year of operation. Families, students, and educators gathered to mark this important milestone. Students received certificates of completion as well as other graduation gifts and prizes.

OYYL educators, staff, and donors received appreciation gifts for their outstanding care and dedication. Rabbi Schneiderman, OYYL Educational Director, read a special Letter from the Rebbe addressing Chag Hasiyum, and reflected on the idea of completion as the beginning of the next level as it related to Chag Hasiyum. “It is very special to see how each of the students added their amazing spirit in the class environment, which the class would not be the same without,” said Rabbi Schneiderman.  

The ceremony concluded with a beautiful rally full of fun prizes, a Balloon Show, and refreshments. “Wrapped in the spirit of achdus and ahavas yisroel, it was so beautiful to see parents, teachers, and staff of OYYL come together to celebrate the completion of one more meaningful and productive year of learning and growth!”  said Leah Goldshtein, OYYL Preschool Director. “The atmosphere of warmth, joy, and dedication to authentic Lubavitch chinuch and love and care for every child, parent, and teacher permeated the air and filled my heart with gratitude for being a part of this special yeshivah!”

“We are very thankful to our students, teachers, and OYYL staff for giving us this amazing opportunity to grow together,” said Mila Schneiderman, Administrative Director. “Special thanks to our Parents and Donors for their partnership, involvement, and outstanding support. We feel very privileged to serve this amazing community and look forward to the upcoming year with full enthusiasm.”

“This yeshiva allows the kids to truly grow and flourish!! Amazing school.”-Ofer Shaked, OYYL Parent.  

“Thank you so much to the staff of OYYL for such a special graduation,” said Yaakova Babinet, OYYL Parent. “It was a gathering to not only celebrate the accomplishments of the kids but also the dedication of teachers and administration for another successful year at OYYL. Each child received a special photo book to remind them of all their fun times over the year and a new Sefer to be used for the year ahead for which we are most appreciative!” 

“Thanks so much for the warm, caring chinuch my daughter had the privilege to experience,” said Devorah Leah Pil, OYYL Parent. “I’m so happy my daughter had such great role models who genuinely care for our children and encourage their growth and development in Yiddishkeit in a creative and fun way. I thank Morah Tally, Morah Naomi, and Morah Chava.” 

“I want to say that I was impressed by how beautiful my son’s Morahs made the holidays (including Chassidishe Yomim Toivim.) I was also impressed how well my daughter, Sarah Chaya,  knew the Parshios! Thank you!! We are looking forward to this upcoming year with you all, BS”D!!” – Mr. Wolkenfeld, OYYL Parent. 

“I am so proud of my son that graduated 5th grade from OYYL,” said Chaya Helman, OYYL Parent. “It was so nice to celebrate the moment with everybody. The OYYL community truly feels like a family!!” 

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