Got 5 Minutes to Spare? Nourish Your Soul With Lightpoints

The newly released publication, Lightpoints, is a compilation of chassidic teachings divided by Parsha. The short, relatable teachings will bring light to your day and illuminate your life.

Do you ever find yourself in a slump? 

The lull of the daily grind can really bring you down and leave you searching for a pick-me-up. 

Enter Lightpoints. The book that contains within it the sparks of energy that will bring light to your day and illuminate your life. 

Lightpoints is a compilation of different teachings on the weekly Parsha as they are explained in the Rebbe’s Sichos. 

The snippets of Chassidus are written in a manner that makes them relatable while maintaining the authenticity of the information. The teachings are simple enough to understand at first glance, yet deep enough to give you something to think about. 

Lightpoints is the perfect companion for the businessman, the shliach, the busy mother, or anyone looking to fill their spare moments with words of Torah. 

Your moment of connection and soul self-care will leave you feeling empowered and uplifted as you go about the rest of your day. 

So, the next time you have 5 minutes to spare, crack open your brand new edition of Lightpoints and prepare to be inspired. 

Buy your copy today at

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