Good News in Crown Heights

Guests visiting Crown Heights over Gimmel Tammuz were greeted by hundreds of posters and brochures sharing some ‘Good News.’

Hundreds of posters lined the streets of Crown Heights this weekend, and brochures were disseminated in local shuls and stores.

The purpose of the campaign, titled “Good News”, was to highlight the positive style of, and our commitment to living up to the standards of halacha, Chabad hashkafa, and responsible reporting.

The posters contained letters of endorsement from leading rabbanim and shluchim, who praise the work of this website and encourage anash and heads of Lubavitch mosdos to support it. 

The letter from the rabbanim was previously publicized on; the shluchim’s letter of support was published now for the first time.  

Here at, we are pleased to share ‘Good News and Lubavitch Treasures’ with you, our audience, and are grateful for your readership and support.

In keeping in line with the Rabbonim's policies for websites, we do not allow comments. However, our Rabbonim have approved of including input on articles of substance (Torah, history, memories etc.)

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