Global Movement of Mitzvah Appeals Launched for the Rebbe

Hundreds of communities and families are utilizing the latest OneMitzvah Gimmel Tammuz option to run personalized Mitzvah Appeals to mark this holy day. 

Approaching 30 years to Gimmel Tammuz, Chassidim worldwide are partaking in a meaningful initiative: to launch their own “The Rebbe’s Legacy Mitzvah Appeal.” Utilizing the OneMitzvah platform, every individual can launch a personal online Mitzvah appeal, encouraging friends and acquaintances to do something extra to mark this unique day.

Merkos 302’s OneMitzvah platform provides a simple yet powerful way for every person to launch a Mitzvah campaign. Whether it’s through learning Torah, giving tzedakah, or any act of kindness, each commitment registered on the hundreds of campaigns opened to date is inspired by the Rebbe’s vision that one mitzvah can lead to redemption.

“The Rebbe tapped each of us with the responsibility to inspire our circle of influence,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302, “This Gimmel Tammuz, let’s mobilize that influence to inspire those around us to take on one more Mitzvah and watch the impact ripple through our communities and beyond.”

Understanding the unique lives of Shluchim and community members, offers a range of resources to facilitate mitzvah pledges. From customizable web pages to inspirational videos and ready-to-use handouts, everything is designed to integrate seamlessly into any life-cycle event or personal initiative, ensuring that participation is straightforward and impactful.

For those who may not be hosting in-person events, the digital platform serves as a virtual venue where mitzvahs can be pledged and tracked, offering a tangible sense of communal contribution to this significant date.

Behashgacha pratis, today marks Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky A”H’s shloshim. OneMitzvah was his most recent project which he was most passionate about over the last few years. He would constantly encourage all those he met to launch a OneMitzvah campaign “to make this world kulo zakai.”

Visit to open your Mitzvah Appeal today. For assistance or to learn more about how you can personalize the webpage, reach out to our support team at +1 (646) 838-1886.

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