Global Hachana for Yud Shevat to ‘Transcend’ Golus

The Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 launched its latest and most innovative project: a global Yud Shevat hachana, artfully designed and created to help you Transcend golus and bring Moshiach into your everyday reality.

Beginning today, the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 will launch its latest and most innovative project yet! “Transcend” is the third in a six-part series by Tut Altz that has effectively upped the level of Inyonei Moshiach u’Geulah study for thousands of Lubavitchers around the world.

Created as an engaging Hachana program, Transcend is a one-stop package to prepare for Yud Shevat. It includes a complete curriculum (easily downloadable on the Tut Altz website), an array of podcast recordings, slideshows, compact divrei Torah, media and marketing materials.

“The goal of Transcend is to create a perspective shift where chasidim will, quite literally, transcend the golus mindset,” shares Rabbi Mendel Chaiton, Community Liaisons head of the Tut Altz initiative, “The tools we’ve created are in an easily digestible format – to achieve just that.” 

To date, 30 Chabad Communities and 35 schools are utilizing the Transcend program. Some will teach the children’s curriculum in schools, Avos u’Banim or settings such as winter camp. Others will be using the adults’ curriculum for their Mincha/Maariv shiur, N’shei groups or monthly farbrengens. Tut Altz aims to reach 121 schools and 121 communities before Yud Shevat. (This number is significant in relation to the Rebbe’s upcoming birthday.) 

“Yud Shevat is a time to strengthen our connection to the Nasi Hador,” shares Merkos 302 Executive Director Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, “the Sicha was chosen because it explains the role of the Nasi in instilling a Moshiach mindset into his people.” 

The Transcend Hachana is cohesive, thoughtfully divided into three categories: for men, women and children. State-of-the-art videos and beautifully-designed materials include translations, stories and mental exercises – questions where participants are asked to identify how the Rebbe’s unique Moshiach Mindset can be integrated into daily life. “In fact,” says Tut Altz co-director Mrs. Gitel Naparstek. “The hachana’s entire purpose is to get comfortable with a Moshiach mindset, even in a paradoxical era of Golus.”

Based on the concepts of well-known sicha of Shmos 5752, the hachana will take participants on a journey to unpack and crystalize the sicha’s core message. This section was created and designed by JLI—The Jewish Learning Institute. The journey through time gives context for the next step: studying the sicha itself. The sicha was translated and explained by Sichos in English. Later, the provided tools such as the mental exercises help participants implement the Sicha’s ideas into their daily lives.

Individuals and communities who are interested in being a part of Transcend can sign-up online. 

With 15,000 individuals joining the previous Tut Altz campaign, the goal of this one is to increase the commitment—to reach 121 communities and N’shei Chabad and 121 schools! Be a part of the global Yud Shevat hachana – artfully designed and created to help you Transcend golus and bring Moshiach into your everyday reality. 

So visit today. You’re one step closer.

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