Global Community For Young Shluchim Launches New Year

Young Shluchim worldwide gear up for another impactful year as part of the MyShliach community with the relaunch of all the beloved programs and the new MyShliach family membership.

While helping her mother make the final touches to their rosh hashana menus, a young shlucha eagerly anticipated the mail truck’s arrival. While sometimes the delivery brought a shipment of books from the MyShliach Lending Library, it included something special this time. It had the newest edition of the Compass Jr. magazine for young shluchim.

Alongside the beloved magazine was MyShliach’s new calendar for 5784, heralding all the exciting programs the coming year will bring. Registration for Ach/Achos Sheli, Yeshivas Erev, CClub, and Chidon are well underway, but Rabbi Yossi Elberg, Program Director of MyShliach at Merkos 302, says there’s more. “As the year goes on, we’ll relaunch some favorites, including Farbrengen In A Box, Shabbos Tzuzamen, and two seasons of Mishnayos Ba’al Peh.”

These initiatives are a treasure trove with layers of benefits. For example, according to Mrs. Alti Majesky of Accra, Ghana, the nightly Yeshivas Erev is not just about the Mishnayos learned. “Our boys look forward to the stories and farbrengens, as well as spending time with their Yeshivas Erev friends and teachers.” There’s also the weekly Chassidus Club, aimed at laying the bedrock of Darchei HaChassidus in those who don’t have access to a Lubavitch cheder, with a worldwide fanbase awaiting it weekly. 

In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Mendelsohn kids are excited to meet their Ach/Achos Sheli for the year. “MyShliach is a major part of our effort to raise Chassidishe children in far-off Jackson Hole,” said Mrs. Raizy Mendelsohn. “Whether helping with Chidon or arranging a Shabbaton with fellow young shluchim, MyShliach is always accommodating and truly caring.”

Starting this year, shluchim families can sign up for the new Family Membership. For just $36 per family, members receive a 20 percent discount across all programs and full access to Yeshivas Erev, Compass Jr., Online Farbrengens, Girls Monthly Programs, and more.  

Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz, Director of MyShliach, explains: “Over 15 years, we’ve grown to include quite a variety of initiatives. The membership will bring them all together, enabling young shluchim to gain the maximum from all MyShliach has to offer.”

To join the hundreds of shluchim families who are already MyShliach members, visit

For more information about MyShliach’s programs, visit or message Merkos 302 on Whatsapp.

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