Give the Gift of a Summer to the Rebbe’s Russian Children

Camp YEKA Boys gives underprivileged Jewish children from Ukraine a chance to enjoy the summer of a lifetime, while having a Jewish experience they will never forget.

Camp Yeka is named after and based in the Rebbe’s childhood city Yekateinuslav (Dnipr of today), Ukraine.

As the average child in Ukraine yearns to go to the seaside for the summer, YEKA gives them the chance to fulfill that fantasy in facilities that any person would envy.

Following camp, many children continue on to different Yeka affiliate Yeshivas/boys homes across the country where they dorm and receive a full Jewish and Secular education. Parents choose to send their children to these institutions to give their children a higher standard of living and a better education.

Another amazing feature of YEKAboys is our Bris program. Many children come to camp knowing they will get a Bris, not having the ability in their village. Our Certified Mohel who is also one of the top surgeons in Ukraine, last year performed 5 Brissim (out of 16 who did not yet have one). During camp, some children decide with the permission of their parents to have a Bris Milah as well.


For 3 weeks, they are captivated by our jam-packed schedule which includes daily beach sessions, sports, art, crafts, game shows, swimming and excursions, interwoven by world-class learning initiatives, focusing on Kriah, history, Davening, Mishnayos and more, all from an in-depth Chassidus perspective. All the while enjoying comfortable accommodation and surrounding of meaningful, soulful Yiddishkeit.

To donate follow the link, every donation helps us reach the goal and is doubled, have a Gezunter Zummer


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