Give Me a Smile!

In his diary, Kfar Chabad Mayor, Reb Shlomo Madanchick, records how the Rebbe lovingly berated him – after his wife left the yechidus room – for his lack of simcha, and made a personal request.

From the diary of Reb Shlomo Madanchick, Mayor of Kfar Chabad:

At our yechidus, the Rebbe bent over and conversed with our children Chani and Dini. The Rebbe gave my wife 18 dollars towards mivtzoyim and told her that she should be active as long as it isn’t on the account of her primary role – motherhood.

As we were retreating to leave the room, the Rebbe looked at me and said, “Could I have you for another minute?”

My wife and children left, and the Rebbe began, “I didn’t want to say a chisaron of yours in front of your wife, that’s why I asked them to leave.

“You are lacking in simcha, and I see no justification. I know of all your hardships, and also those hardships of which you are not aware. But Hashem has given you the strength to overcome them. This affects your family, and as the mayor, the entire village and your contacts outside the village.

“Regarding the past – I’m not looking to rebuke. But from now on you must be joyful. And that means from this very moment.”

The Rebbe smiled a broad beautiful smile, “Nu, give me a smile as a personal gift. Pinch your cheeks and be happy! Nu, as you stand here now!”

(Hakatar Shel Chabad, Page 274)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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